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Finishing the Quilt :: Tips and Resources

So you've made a quilt top. Now what?! Creating a quilt is more than sewing pieces of fabric together into a pretty design. The next steps are what take your work of art and create a functional piece of art that can be loved, cuddled up in and shared with others.  It can be intimidating to think about all the steps it takes to finish a quilt but this is where you can break it up into easy manageable actions that can be done over several days or weeks. In this blog post I will walk you through the basics on how to finish a quilt. I encourage you to read over these instructions and click through the YouTube search queries I've listed throughout if you are a visual learner. Some steps are best understood when you can see someone doing them (ie. binding!).  What I want to give you with these instructions are my tips, tricks and best practices. Learn from my mistakes so you don't have to! Ready to begin? Let's go! ***I am an amazon affiliate and have linked to amazon product

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